Commercial Energy Efficiency Services

In many commercial premises it has been calculated that lighting can consume up to 70% of the energy used. The opportunity to make this more efficient can make a huge difference to your energy use and save your business a considerable amount of money.

A combination of more efficient lighting technologies including low energy lights, daylight sensors and presence detection can quickly prove to make a huge difference to your bottom line. As the costs of these technologies have tumbled over recent years, the capital investment payback period has also diminished considerably.

Commercial Solar Systems

In tandem with commercial solar systems, this approach can reap considerable savings, reduce your output of CO2 and ensuring peak energy use efficiency.

Energy Efficiency & Maintenance

It is vital that you ensure that your installations remain safe, and also that they are working at optimal efficiency to reduce unneccesary energy use. Our complete maintenance service allows you to meet your legal obligations and also to ensure that your business can run smoothly, preventing problems before they arise.

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