Commercial Electrical Work

At Eiger Energy we offer the complete commercial electrical service, from standard commercial installations through to innovative new technologies including solar energy, onsite car charging, highly efficient lighting schemes and onsite energy storage.
Our Services
  • Commercial Electrical Installation

    Installations from Eiger Energy are specified and designed with long-term reliability, resilience and easy of maintenance in mind.

  • Commercial Electrical Testing

    To ensure the smooth running of your business it's vital to ensure that your electrical installations are periodically tested. It's a legal requirement too.

  • Commercial Energy Saving

    Becoming more energy efficient can make a huge difference to your energy use and save your business a considerable amount of money

  • Commercial Electrical Maintenance

    At Eiger Energy we believe strongly that prevention is better than cure! Our planned preventative maintenance programmes ensure that your business is running at peak efficiency with minimal downtime.

  • Commercial Solar Energy Systems

    Lower energy bills are a cornerstone of increasing business competetiveness and using commercial solar systems are an excellent strategy for reducing direct costs. 

  • Commercial Green Power & Off Grid Systems

    Two innovative technologies that are very much worth considering - the future is coming fast!